OrcaPOS (POS+ERP) Application

Product description

OrcaPOS is a complete Point of Sale system for Retail and Cash & Carry industries that gives all the functionalities for managing your business processes from head office to POS terminals.

Problems that you face in MS Dynamics Navision

Although a standard Microsoft Dynamics Navision software fulfill the needs of wholesale companies, it is not natively tailored to provide a full solution for Cash & Carry and Retail companies out of the box. If your current software environment requires a new Point of Sale (POS) implementation for Cash&Carry and Retail companies to avoid those problems; this is where Orca Business Solutions can help you with:

  • Printing shelf item labels
  • Specifying retail campaigns
  • Selling product which is categorized according to its type (retail or warehouse)
  • Selling product by using its picture

Our Solution is OrcaPOS

We have an answer for your questions. Imagine that you can solve all your problems that we mentioned above. The best solution that you have been waiting for is in the palm of your hands with OrcaPOS.

Benefits of OrcaPOS

OrcaPOS helps you to;

  • Reduce your Microsoft Dynamics Navision licensing fees. You will no longer require additional licenses for every till and consequently this will save your business substancial investment in multi user licenses,
  • Utilise our system in a fast and secure environment whilst you are utilising it either online or offline.
  • Manage POS operations by using it in the Manager Mode. Manager Mode provides you to give permissions to OrcaPOS users.

Why OrcaPOS?

If you are a retail/wholesale or Cash & Carry company and using Microsoft Dynamics Navision software, you will need a smart point of sales (POS) solution that is integrated with your Navision.

What we did during OrcaPOS project?

Our experienced team have researched the main problems of the retail and cash & carry industry. Many of our clients have realised that they currently have no smart and useful solution for their current sales process. We have listened to our clients' issues and feedback to make this project live. After discovering our clients key points and concerns, our developers have utilised this feedback to create a working Orca POS solution.