Orca Catering Application

Product description

Orca Catering is a complete ERP system which is based on MS Dynamics NAV (Navision) that gives all the functionalities for managing your catering business.

Problems that you face in MS Dynamics Navision

Although a standard Microsoft Dynamics Navision software fulfill the needs of wholesale companies, it is not natively tailored to provide a full solution for Catering companies out of the box. If your current software environment requires a new implementation for Catering Business Orca Business Solutions can help you with those problems:

  • Problems with delivery management
    • Route Planning
    • Total weight control for vehicles
    • Order-Vehicle assignment
    • Order Splitting
  • No friendly interface for Telesales people
  • No Point of sale (POS) system for warehouse
  • No warning for out-of-stock products ‚Äč(based on avarage daily sales and vendor delivery time)

Our Solution is Orca Catering

We have a smart solution for your problems. Imagine that you can solve all your problems that we mentioned above. The best solution that you have been waiting for is in the palm of your hands with Orca Catering.

Benefits of Orca Catering

Orca Catering helps you to;

See suggested products for customer from their last invoice (for telesales people to see customer's last order details such as sold products and quantities) Manage your warehouse from OrcaPOS Application Control out-of-stock products based on product's avarage daily sales and vendor delivery time by automated reporting Use Route planning system for delivery Split your orders into pieces Check your vehicle's weight Assign products/orders to different vehicles

Why Orca Catering?

If you are a catering company and using Microsoft Dynamics Navision software, you will definitely need Orca Catering application that is integrated with your Navision.

What we did during Orca Catering project?

Our experienced team have researched the main problems of the catering industry. Many of our clients have realised that they currently have no smart and useful solution for their current sales and stock control processes. We have listened to our clients' issues and feedback to make this project live. After discovering our clients key points and concerns, our developers have utilised this feedback to create a working Orca Catering Application.